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To ensure the quality of the processes and the training within the imos program, evaluations of the program take place on a regular basis. Convince yourself and have a look at the results:

Evaluation of the Mentors‘ Training

Mentor training 2019

Mentor training 2018

Mentor training 2017

Mentor training 2016

Mentor training 2015

Mentor training 2014

Mentor training 2013

Mentor training 2012

Mentor training 2011

Mentor training 2010

Mentor training 2009

Final Evaluation

Final evaluation 2019-2020

Final evaluation 2018-2019

Final evaluation 2017-2018

Final evaluation 2016-2017

Final evaluation 2015-2016

Final evaluation 2014-2015

Final evaluation 2013-2014

Final evaluation 2012-2013

Final evaluation 2011-2012

Final evaluation 2010-2011

Final evaluation 2009-2010

Evaluation of the Academic Mentors

Academic Mentors 2018-2019

Academic Mentors 2017-2018

Academic Mentors 2016-2017

Academic Mentors 2015-2016

Since the scales continuously get adapted to the current state of research, the content of the documents varies.