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General Psychology II and Biological Psychology

Research areas of the Department of General Psychology II and Biological Psychology are  "Brain, Hormones and Behavior".

An important aspect of interest in our human-experimental studies is interdisciplinary research with biology, medicine (endocrinology, anesthesia, gynecology) and neurosciences.

The main research areas are:

Classical (Pavlovian) conditioning

Ÿ  Fear conditioning: effects of stress and stress reaction mediators on fear acquisition and extinction; meaning of sex hormones (estradiol, progesterone) and menstrual cycle status

Ÿ  Conditioning of endocrine and immunological variables for administration of drugs - placebo effects

Ÿ  Conditioning of nausea (under chemotherapy and rotation)

Function and effects of insulin in the central nervous system (CNS)

Ÿ  Eating habits, glucoregulation, memory and perception of odor

Ÿ  Perception of odor and taste under metabolic control

Function and effects of estrogen and progesterone in the CNS

Stress in simulated emergency situations

The subject covers the modules "General Psychology II" and "Biological Psychology" and in the M.Sc. Psychology: Focus on Clinical Psychology, the module "Biopsychology and Psychosomatics / Behavioral Medicine".

Detailed information is given in the links.


Currently, we are looking for female research project participants for a biopsychological study, namely

·        female students who do not use hormonal contraception and

·        women who use so-called one-phase contraceptives

For further information and important inclusion and exclusion criteria, please refer to the following flyer:
Female sex hormones and behavior (see
Ø flyer)