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Student Advising Psychology

The Institute of Psychology offers a wide range of information and services for students. In addition to their regular office hours, all teachers offer individual appointments as well as consultation via e-mail.

During the introductory week at the beginning of the semester, the Student Representative Committee organizes a series of information events in cooperation with the Head of the Institute’s Department in which students are given an initial orientation for their studies. In the Student Advising of Psychology, psychology students are supported in all questions concerning their studies.

The main subject areas addressed include:

Study planning

Integration of study abroad

We offer consultations both on telephone or in person. Depending on your needs, you can come in and consult with us on your questions/queries.

 In case of quick questions feel free to contact us by email.

Consultation  hours apply year round. There is no distinction between lecture period and semester breaks.

Academic Program Manager at the Institute of Psychology:

Christopher Klanke, Dipl.-Psych.

Tel.: +49 541 969-7707

Raum: 75/209
Institut für Psychologie
Lise-Meitner-Straße 3
49076 Osnabrück
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