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Welcome to the Institute of Psychology

Institute description

The Institute of Psychology at the University of Osnabrück is characterized by an empirical-experimental orientation and close integration of basic, methodological, and applied subjects. This close connection is reflected in both research and teaching.

The Institute of Psychology offers courses of study at the bachelor's and master's levels. The Bachelor's program in Psychology includes approximately equal parts of content from the basic subjects (General Psychology, Biological Psychology, Differential Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Social Psychology), the methodological subjects (Research Methods, Statistics, and Basic Diagnostics), and the applied subjects (Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Clinical Psychology in general, as well as with a focus on Child and Adolescent Psychology).

Furthermore, two Master's programs are offered, which have emerged from two of the institute's research foci: The Master's in Clinical Psychology pays special attention to the biological-neuroscientific correlates of experience and behavior as well as the behavioral-medical-psychosomatic orientation of clinical psychology. Among other things, the Master's program prepares students for research and practical activities in the field of clinical psychology, which also includes further training as psychological psychotherapists.

The Master's in Intercultural Psychology represents a unique course of study in Germany. In addition to Intercultural Business Psychology, the course offerings include Comparative Cultural Social Psychology and Developmental Psychology. Among other things, the Master's program prepares students for research work in intercultural psychology, as well as for a broad field of activity in business and in consulting institutions.