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Committees and Boards

Institute Council

The Institute Council (IR in German) is the supreme body of the Institute of Psychology. This is where decisions are made that solely affect the field of psychology. For example regarding the distribution of funds or the appointment of new professors (according to the results of the corresponding appointment committee). The meetings are not open to the public.

Chairmanship: Chairman of the Institute Council (not entitled to vote)
7 Professors
Research Assistants
2 Employees in the Technical and Administrative Services (MTV Group in German)
2 Students


Study Commission

The university provides permanent commissions for teaching and studies (“Studienkommissionen” in German), half of the voting members in these commissions are students. The Executive Committee determines the number and size of the study commissions, their responsibility for individual academic programs and their allocation to one or more schools. The Dean chairs the Study Commission without the right to vote. In multidisciplinary Study Commissions, the member of the Executive Committee responsible for teaching decides who takes the chair. In all matters of teaching, academic programs and examinations the relevant Study Commissions are to be heard before decisions of the School Council are made. The Institute Council has to acknowledge its recommendations and to document its opinion; the chairman may delegate individual decisions to a competent Study Commission.

The Study Commission (“Studienkommission” in German, in short “StuKo”) is to ensure that the lectures, exercise courses and seminars offered allow proper academic studies. This is where, for example, course programs for the following semester and further development of the academic programs are discussed. The Study Commission thus works out proposed resolutions concerning changes in academic or examination regulations. All important developments and innovations are also communicated here. The Study Commission does not make any decisions but only submits recommendations and motions to the higher-ranking bodies. The meetings are not open to the public.

Chairmanship: Dean (not entitled to vote)
2 Professors
Research Assistants
4 Students

Examining Board

The Examining Board clarifies questions concerning examination issues; for instance  decisions are made pertaining to the recognition of foreign exam results or exam results from other universities as well as to special requests (such as a second re-examination). This board also discusses matters regarding student appeals against exam results, amendments or additions to the existing examination regulations, the appointment of examiners and questions concerning the examination regulations. The meetings are not open to the public.

Chairmanship: Chairman of the Examining Board
4 Professors
1 Research Assistant
1 Student (only advisory vote: not entitled to vote on examination issues)