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Certified course "Intercultural training" 

The intercultural training course offers certification as an intercultural trainer including a comprehensive base of knowledge and methods for those who aim to develop and implement intercultural trainings in a professional context.Over the space of 5 weekend-seminars, it covers a range of topics in 4 main modules:

  • Module 1: Experiencing culture: Foundations and methods of intercultural trainings
  • Module 2: Acting interculturally competent: Cultural sensitivity in communication and collaboration
  • Module 3: Appreciating diversity: Dealing with stereotypes, prejudice and diversity
  • Module 4a: Designing online trainings successfully: Didactics and implementation
  • Module 4b: Deep dive into practice: From assignment to debriefing
  • Module 5: Integrating content: Developing your profile as an intercultural trainer

The course is offered exclusively in German, for further information please visit this page.