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Psychotherapy training program

Since 1999, the University of Osnabrück has trained psychotherapists. In the training programs, a comprehensive, scientifically founded and at the same time practically based training is offered to trainees. This multifaceted training is ensured by strong links between personnel and the institutions of the University of Osnabrück, the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, as well as various facilities practicing psychotherapy in the Osnabrück region.

We offer a part-time 5-year training program to becoming a psychological psychotherapist with a focus on behavioral therapy. In addition, a training program to becoming a child and adolescent psychotherapist with a focus on behavioral therapy is offered, either as a 3-year full-time training program or as a 5-year part-time training program. According to the National Training and Examination Regulations (PsychThAPrV and KJPsychAPrV), the training comprises a total of at least 4,200 teaching hours, with the following training components:

Ÿ  Theoretical and practical training

Ÿ  Practical activities

Self-experience and self-chosen focus concerning the field of work

Further information on the training and conditions can be found on the pages of
Ø psychotherapy training.

Psychotherapy outpatient clinic

Are you seeking psychotherapy? On the following pages you will find information on treatment and access to our psychotherapy outpatient clinic for adults as well as children and adolescents:

Ø Psychotherapy outpatient clinic


Outpatient research clinic

Are you interested in getting involved with research or would you like to support our research by participating in one of our scientific studies? Below you will find an overview of current research projects and publications:

Ø Outpatient research clinic