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Intercultural mentoring is a project that thrives on the cooperation and interaction of different people.

Project Management

The organization and coordination of the entire mentoring program is carried out by the department of psychology. The team consists of the certified psychologist Thea Nieland (M. Sc.) and several trained students and Research Assistants. The head of the project is particularly responsible to advise and support Mentors and Mentees regarding their questions and, specifically, to offer psychological supervision for the Mentors. The project board is on hand with help and advice for the Mentors and Mentees. Its main purpose is the psychological supervision of the Mentors.

Student Mentors

The training addresses experienced students of Osnabrück from all fields of studies. Their task is the individual social and academic guidance of International students in consideration of their cultural backgrounds. The purpose is to support the international students at their arrival, to make the beginning of their studies easier and to help them overcome obstacles they might face while living in Germany.

Academic Mentors

Teachers as well as research assistants of the international students’ field of studies serve as academic Mentors. Their task is the subject-specific assistance with the purpose of supporting the international students in developing an independent and critical academic working style.

International Students

International students who seek to obtain their Bachelor's/undergraduate or Master's/graduate degree in Germany in full time can join the Mentoring program. According to their needs, they receive academic and psychosocial support in order to get closer to their goal of graduating with a German degree.