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Academic Mentors

The task of the academic Mentors is the subject-specific guidance of international students in consideration of their individual cultural background. The goal is to support the international students in developing an autonomous and critical way of scientific working. In order to keep the efforts of mentoring on an adequate level, group mentoring is the common form of mentoring, e.g. the support of several Mentees at the same time.

Benefits for the academic Mentors:

  • new impulses for their own work
  • broaden horizon by extending network through intercultural contacts
  • benefit from the exchange with other academic Mentors through networking
  • sharpen the awareness for the own strengths by working with the Mentees
  • scrutinize self-evident problem solving strategies during the contact with the Mentees: the mentoring is therefore a possibility for overcoming the 'organisational blindness'. This self-reflection establishes new insights and chances for change.
  • high-quality certification for the work as academic Mentor

The time schedule below shows the most important events and rough dates for the upcoming semester: