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Student Mentors

The Intercultural Mentoring Program addresses students of all fields of studies who will spend at least two more semesters at Osnabrueck University. They should know the University and its structures well. Ideally they have spent time abroad themselves and/or are deeply interested in other cultures.

Benefits for student Mentors:

  • acquire counseling skills as well as intercultural competencies during the trainings
  • get the opportunity to directly apply the new generic skills
  • supported in the personal development by accompanying supervision- and intervision sessions (reflexion of the mentoring role, own potential, strengths and weaknesses)
  • benefit from the communication and exchange with the other Mentors and Mentees by networking on the group level
  • provided with a high-quality certificate of the function as an intercultural Mentor
  • advantages when applying for jobs at the career entry

The time schedule below shows the most important events and rough dates for the upcoming semester: