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Want to become a mentee?

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The Intercultural Mentoring Program addresses new international students of Osnabrueck University. It is required that they join the undergraduate or graduate program and aim to get the final degree at Osnabrueck University.

Benefits for Mentees:

  • welcomed and accompanied in the new cultural environment by dedicated and trained Mentors
  • benefit from the personal study-relevant experiences of students of higher semesters as well as experienced academics
  • benefit from the social contacts by networking on the group level.
  • individually promotion of the ability to study successfully through the acquirement of academic and intercultural competencies on an individual basis (orientation concerning the study system, formal criteria, formal procedures and processes, informal rules)
  • supported in reflecting individual strengths, weaknesses and potentials
  • opportunity to join events during the semester
  • provided with a Certificate of Attendance as a Mentee

The time schedule below shows the most important events and rough dates for the upcoming semester: