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Research Focus

The subfield Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Osnabrück has an application-oriented and theory-based research goal. Research is characterized by a central intercultural and international component as well as an interdisciplinary approach to the perspectives and questions addressed. Special attention is paid to a multi-perspective view, that is to say multiple measuring times, multisource data collection, multilevel conceptions and analyses. Additionally, research and practice are linked, regarding society and transfer. The following topics constitute the main research areas:

Sustainability and Corporate and Consumer Responsibility:
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Implications for corporate commitment to sustainability with regard to individual psychology
  • Transformative Consumer Research
  • Psychological determinants promoting sustainable consumption
Cultural and intercultural aspects in working life:
  • Organizational and cultural values
  • Health-related consequences (e.g. stress, work-private life conflict, emotional exhaustion)
  • Perception of organizational tensions and paradoxes
Organizational transformation and digitization processes:
  • Managing organizational change processes and organizational development
  • Introduction of new technology and technology acceptance
  • Usability and human-computer interaction
  • Virtual reality in the context of modeling organizational processes
Survey feedback and organizational development:
  • Use and design of survey feedback instruments (e.g., employee survey, supervisor feedback, 360-degree-feedback
  • Design of feedback landscapes
  • Commitment, work-domain balance, job satisfaction and engagement
  • Methodological aspects of survey and process design of organizational feedback systems