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Selected projects of the past years

German Federal Foundation for the Environment (2020-2023)
Value chains and consumption decisions - long-distance effects of governance and product biographies using the example of cocoa

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) & European Social Fund (ESF) (2019-2022)
Socio-digital innovation through participatory process design in virtual space (SoDigital)

Nds Ministry of Science - Innovation Plus (2019-2020)Implementation of innovative digital teaching methods and further development of digital competencies in courses of intercultural business psychology.

EXIST-Gründerstipendium ATA-MAB (2018-2019)
Automated text analysis of open-ended comments from employee surveys

Volkswagen Foundation (2018)
Transformation through Community. Processes of collective subjectivation in the context of sustainable development (TransGem).

Management Consulting (2018)
Survey feedback - analysis of employee survey data.

Lebensmittel-Discounter (2018-2019)
Retention management - onboarding experience and employee retention.

Management Consulting (2018)
Person-Organization-Fit - Diagnosis and development of analytical tools to measure values and determine person-organization fit.

Chemical Industry (2018)
Impulse survey - text analysis of open comments

Automotive Industry (2018)
Survey feedback - further development Survey Landscape

Vocational School (2017-2018)
Teacher training - resilience management

DFG Symposium Funding (2017)
Dealing with paradoxes in professional fields of action

Logistic Service (2017)
Configural context analyses

Osnabrück Police Department (2016)
Preparation of results and workshop implementation

VW Foundation - Joint Project Sustainable Consumption (eCoInnovate IT) (2015-19)
Investigation of transformation processes of the world of work and consumption through industry 4.0

City of Osnabrück - Employer Branding (2015)
Transfer project for the analysis and design of the employer brand of the city of Osnabrück.

MaibornWolff GmbH (2015)
Playful Prototyping

Intercultural Mentoring (imos) (2008-2020)
Research and transfer project to improve the study situation of international students

Expert mentoring (emos)
Research and transfer project to support the professional and personal development of psychology students

Intercultural Trainer Training (CCT)
Further education to become an intercultural trainer

Career Service
Research and transfer project to support career orientation and the transition between studies and career for students of the University of Osnabrück

Start free
Prevention program against youth over-indebtedness