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General information
  • The Master's Program in Clinical Psychology includes the completion of one or more work-related internships.
  • The students strive independently for an internship, which corresponds to the requirements and the respective interests of each student.
  • The successful completion of the internship, including the preparation of one internship report, is given 15 credit points. In the case of completing two or more interships, the students can decide which intership they want to write the report about.
  • When completing more than one intership, all documents for the accreditation of the internships must be handed in at the same time.
Objectives of the internship

The internship has the following objectives:

  • Acquisition of practical experience in fields of activity with psychological relevance.
  • Acquiring knowledge of the tasks and the organization of the institution where the internship is completed, as well as the organization of respective work processes.
  • Development of prospects for further studies and future professional work.
Internship positions
  • The internship can be completed at public and private institutions, whose fields of activity clearly bear reference to the study content and the professional fields of the academic program.
  • The internship position can be located abroad.
  • The internship mentor must be a full-time employee with a degree in psychology (B.Sc. or M.Sc. in psychology) or a comparable degree. In special cases, when there is no such person available at the internship institution, a university lecturer at the Institute of Psychology may take on this role.

The Internship Fair (Praxisportal) offers an overview of possible internships. Here you can find the Website in German.

Status of the students during the internship
  • During the internship at the University of Osnabrück, students are enrolled with all the rights and duties of regular students. They are not trainees under the Vocational Training Act.
  • Students are however still bound to their internship institution, in particular with regards to Accident Prevention Regulations, the Working Hours Regulations and the Rules on Confidentiality.

Time period and duration of the internship
  • Only activities exercised from the date on which university admission is granted are recognized as work-related internship(s).
  • Students can choose to conduct one internship or several internships. The total scope of the internship or internships is 450 hours with 60 hours of internship searching, planning and follow-up work, and 390 hours of internship time having to be completed and proven.
  • In case of multiple internships, one of the internships must cover at least 160 hours.
  • If at least one internship is completed abroad, the required amount of the completed internship period is reduced to 320 hours due to the increased effort involved in the search and preparation of such internships.
  • The activities are usually carried out in the event-free period (semester breaks).
  • An internship can be carried out between completing the Bachelor’s Program and admission to the Master’s Degree Program. In this case, it can be accredited in full. The recognition of the internship is made by the chairman of the Examining Board
  • The total duration of internship hours (450) can be reduced by 160 hours, if they are compensated by the successful participation in an additional minor subject with at least the same workload listed in the module manual.
Recognition and Proof

Internships will be approved by the Transfer Manager.

Proof of completion of the internship is provided by:

  1. A written confirmation from the internship organization regarding periods and contents of the internship, including the time period and performed working hours.
  2. A digital internship report by the student. (Please fill out as a document with electronic signature. If this is not possible, please attach the first page of the form signed by hand in addition to the document.)
  3. The Form for recognition.

Please send all documents in PDF format to: 


For further questions regarding the internships, please contact the Transfer Manager:

Kim Kristin Terkuhlen, M. Sc.

Tel.: +49 541 969-7708

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