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Examinations in the academic program

All examinations of the academic programs in psychology are conducted accompanying the modules. The achievements in each module are tested in a timely manner. The exact nature of the tests for the individual modules is regulated in the Examination Regulations (in German, Annex 5).

The following modules are not completed with a module examination:

Master's Program in Psychology with a focus on Clinical Psychology:

  • Research project (not graded)

Test formats

The following test formats are used:

  1. Multiple choice (e.g., basics in Clinical Psychology, Biological Psychology, General Psychology I)
  2. Open questions (e.g., Differential Psychology)
  3. Combination of (1) and (2) (e.g., Social Psychology)
  4. If necessary, oral examinations are offered

Coordination and registration

The examination dates are coordinated in the Examinations Office of the Institute of Psychology. The test dates and times are organized such that there are as little scheduling overlaps as possible. Testing dates, times and locations can be found in the respective permanent examination plans in German.

The examination dates are usually announced by the examiner at the beginning of a module. Further information about the examination dates is given to the students via OPIuM (online system for examination management). The procedures concerning provision of re-examination and compensation for students with special needs are regulated in the Examination Regulations (in German, § 11).

Master’s thesis

The Master’s Program in Psychology with the focus on Clinical Psychology concludes with the master’s thesis. The workload for the master’s thesis corresponds to 30 credit points, or a workload of 900 hours. In order to be able to complete the master’s thesis together with the accompanying module, the processing period of 6 months after reception of the thesis topic is given. The topic and the assignment must be organized in such a way that the master's thesis can be completed within the stipulated deadline.