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Recognition of Examinations

In every semester there is the opportunity to apply for a study place in a higher professional semester.

For the summer semester, you can apply for the current semester's, for the winter semesters you can always apply for the first semester and in addition to a higher non-current specialist semester.

The admission to a higher professional semester is carried out in two separate procedures:

Online-application, which the student secretariat handles.

Crediting of the achievements, if applicable, into a higher professional semester, which is carried out by the chair of the board of examiners of the Institute of Psychology.

Achievement ranking

The allocation of study places for a higher professional semester is generally handled by the Student Secretariat. Some information for you to the topic "acceptance into higher course semester" is provided here.

For the purpose of crediting your performance, please submit the form "ranking" (you will find it at the end of the page), including a current proof of achievement and the corresponding module descriptions to the examination office.

The classification is based on the psychological points at the time of the application. The not yet completed credits can be provided by the end of the current semester, this is known both in the institute and in the student secretariat. Therefore, it is recommended to also declare credits that are not yet completed and, if necessary, to provide evidence of passing then in order to obtain a new / higher / subject classification.

You will be notified of of your achievements by post. The student secretariat is also informed.

Acceptance does not equate to the recognition of the credits submitted. The crediting of achievements is only certain once a study place is given.

You will receive information about whether you will receive a place of study from the Student Secretariat.