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Examination Registration

When it comes to assessment of course material learnt, a distinction is made between: coursework (eg seminars and homework exercises), course accompanied examinations (generally in the form of final exams) and dissertations (Bachelor's / Master's thesis). The module manual (attached with your assessment regulations info pamphlet) can be used to determine the form in which assessment for your course and degree are to be performed.


OPIuM Application deadlines

Registration of a exam retake

Registration of a re-examination to improve grades

Registration of the thesis

Note: If you are in a holiday semester at the exam date, you can not participate in the examination and / or other study assessment, unless the leave is a "study abroad". No other services may be provided under other leave of absence (see leave of absence)

Recommendation: You should print and keep the proof of the examination for your own record. In the case of technical problems during the registration process (eg server crash at OPIuM), please write an e-mail to the examination office within the registration deadline, so that you can be registered by the examination office. After expiry of the registration deadline referencing to technical problems is not sufficient to get registered! After the expiry of the registration deadline, an after-registration is only allowed in special conditions.

Coursework: coursework can be announced from the beginning of the respective semester until one month after the start of the course

The course-specific assessment periods can be found in OPIuM under the tab "OPIuM" -> assessment options (Prüfungsangebot) -> FB08-Psychology

The OPIuM-Prüfungsangebot FB08-Psychology always contains all current assessment dates, which require registration via OPIuM. Examination dates which can not be found there are also not yet fixed. This may have several reasons; No deadline has been set yet, no room has been reserved, etc. If there is no assessment information in the portal, the examination office is unlikely to have any fixed information on it.

For planning and orientation, please refer to the module examination schedule that shows the rough examination week scheduling:

Examination schedule Bachelor Psychology

Examination schedule Master Clinical Psychology

Examination schedule Master Intercultural Psychology

Note: There is always the possibility to register for the second exam date (deadline 02) of an exam, even if you were not registered for the first examination date (date 01). In these cases, however, be aware that If you are sick or can not attend this second date (deadline 02), there is no entitlement to another examination offer in the semester. You can only then sign up back to the regular examination date (date 01) a year later.

Registration of a second attempt

Failed examination may be repeated at most twice, ie. You have a maximum of three attempts. The second redo (third try) has to be registered at the examination office by the following form: Registration third examination

Usually these third examinations take place in oral form. Even if you wish to take have a third attempt at a regular written examination date, you must register it at the examination office. The form is to be submitted to the examination office at the latest by the end of the registration deadline, analogous to the registration deadline in OPIuM.

It is recommended that you contact your lecturer before registering for the third examination trial.

Registration of a re-examination to improve grades

In the overview "Contents and structure of study" (within your examination regulations), you can see which assessment could be repeated for the purpose of improving your grade (= "Joker"). A maximum of two modules can be repeated for the purpose of increasing your score, and the better result counts. The modules marked "W" in the overview can be repeated.

Prerequisite: The selected module has been passed completely when registering the "Joker". A "Joker" examination has to be registered at the Examination Office via the following form: Registration Re-examination for improvement of grades

The form must be submitted to the examination office by the end of the OPIuM registration deadline. An additional registration via OPIuM is not necessary and is not possible (since you already passed the exam). The logged test is not displayed via OPIuM. After evaluation of the repeated examination, the result is recorded in OPIuM.

Registration for the thesis

Application for admission to the Bachelor thesis

Application for admission to the Master thesis

Prerequisite: You must be a registered student both at the time of enrollment and at the time of handing in the work. In addition, in order to be admitted to the letter, you must have at least 120 credits in the Bachelor and 60 credits in the Master.

You can choose the date of the application for the final thesis. The registration is made via the study track specific form. Please complete this form and sign it at the examination office. In addition, "a presentation of the course of studies" (short summary) must be attached.

In the second step, the initial examiner must sign the application. The first examiner thus defines the topic: either he or she agrees with the topic you chose, enters a changed topic or, if necessary, responds to the topic, or submits a topic if you have not entered anything. The topic on the application should correspond to the final title of the work.

Finally, you will be accepted with an official letter to write your thesis. This letter of acceptance contains all important time limits, regulations and the title of the work.

For your info, two copies of the work, each with a signed declaration of independence, must be submitted to the Examination Office in addition depending on the work both an English and a German summary must be submitted.

The two copies of the work can also be sent by post with the date when the work was handed over to the post office (Postmark). The work will then be forwarded by the Examination Board to the first and second examiner for the purpose of assessment. The assessment is usually to be carried out within six weeks.