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Examination Resignation

Formula for the declaration of incapacity to do examination due to illness

In principle, you can always log in and out of events during the OPIuM registration period. After the deadline for registration, in the case of for example, a written examination, this registration is deemed to be binding. The cancellation / rescission may only be made in exceptional circumstances and upon request under particular conditions (see section 9 "Absence, resignation, deception, disagreement").


Information about the examination resignation or termination or if the examination is not performed within the prescribed period

You have the option to register for the examinations within the OPIuM registration period and to cancel them without giving reasons. After the expiry of this period, a rescission or termination may only be possible if there are valid reasons. If you have not logged out of the examination before the deadline and

do not appear at the examination date without valid reasons OR

withdraw from the examination after the start of the examination without a valid reason OR

do not submit coursework within the prescribed deadline,

The assessment performance is rated as "not sufficient" (5.0).

When there are valid grounds for the omission or resignation of an exam are, this must be reported immediately to the examination committee with credibility and in writing.

The decision on whether a valid reason (for example when one is not able to take the exam) exists is the responsibility of the examination committee. They decide decides whether the examination deadline is to be postponed, and if this should be taken into account in the student's evaluation, or if a new coursework should be made if there is a valid reason for that the due date can not be met.

If a inability to take the test is due to personal health reasons, please fill out the "Personal data" (point 1) on the "form for the determination of disease-related non-compliance".

Furthermore, establishment of study acquisition is still is to be proved. Your doctor may sign the og. form in section 2, alternatively a certificate from your physician can be added to the form which shows the information required according to point 2:

·        Confirmation has to be given that there are symptoms relevant to the test that significantly reduce mental and / or physical performance.

·        Confirmation is to be made that the problem is not due to fluctuations in the daily routine, examination stress or examination requirements, which only insignificantly restrict the capacity to perform. (Please Note: Examinations stress and examination fear generally are part of the risk factors in taking exams and therefore do not represent a significant impairment of performance in the sense of an examination disability, unless they reach the level of a mental illness).

·        Duration of incapacity to perform

Please note that an inability to test can not be certified by means of a simple certificate of incapacity for work!

A good reason for lack of ability to take an exam dependently of one owns mental and physical health can be, for example, the illness of one's own child or a relative, who is nursed by you. As Osnabruck university is a family-friendly university, it strives to make decisions in the interest of the students with family obligations. The provisions of the Maternity Protection Act and the Federal Pension and Parental leave Period are taken into account. In such cases, appropriate supporting documents must be submitted.