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Professional orientation

The Master's Degree in Psychology with a focus on Intercultural Psychology qualifies graduates for a wide range of psychological occupations, e. g. in the field of work and organizational psychology, intercultural diagnostics and intervention, as well as various counseling facilities. Due to increasing globalization and the clash of different cultural groups, it will become more and more important in the future to understand differences and to address the needs of different groups. The Master's Degree in Psychology with a focus on Intercultural Psychology enables graduates to work in intercultural fields of work. In addition the minor subject in the field of Clinical Psychology allows the possibility to obtain the minimum prerequisites for the training as a psychological psychotherapist. The coverage of relevant methods and applied subjects allows a great flexibility in the choice of a subsequent professional field.


The curriculum consists of one or more internships for career preparation that equate to 450 hours. These can be carried out in all occupational fields in psychology both in Germany and abroad. The Transfer Manager is available for internship selection and career guidance. During consultation hours, students can receive information and consulting on internships as well as internal and external practice offers. In addition, you can find further information about internships in the Internship Fair (“Praxis Portal”, this website is in German).

Additional offers

Additionally, in terms of occupational orientation and qualification, events for practical experiences such as Practical Experience Series ("Praxisreihe") or Practical Experience Workshop ("Praxiswerkstatt") are held. In addition to a professional focus, the focus of these events is on the inclusion of practical questions and the participation of practitioners in a wide variety of occupational fields in psychology

In terms of occupational orientation, the Institute of Psychology also offers expert mentoring as part of the  program, in which students can be advised by professional mentors with regard to their professional orientation.