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1) If more applicants meet the admission requirements than there are places available, the places will be allocated according to the results of a selection procedure conducted by the university.

2) The selection is based on a ranking list in which a maximum of 100 points can be achieved. The number of points for the ranking list results from the addition of the achieved points according to points a) and b). In case of equal ranking, the ranking on the list is determined by lot. The study places are assigned on the basis of the ranking list and the available study places.

a) Up to 75 points may be credited depending on the result of the conclusion pursuant to § 2 paragraph 1 or the result of the provisional conclusion pursuant to paragraph 2.

b) On the basis of special knowledge that is conducive to the successful completion of this course of study, a maximum of 25 points can be credited to the applicant as follows:

  • one-time 7.5 points for the proof of achievements in the total amount of at least 22 ECTS points from one of the following areas: Statistics and Research Methodology;
  • one-time 7.5 points for the proof of achievements in the total amount of at least 16 ECTS points from the area of Test Theory and Psychological Diagnostics;
  • one-time 10 points,
    • provided that at least 8 ECTS points from the field of Industrial, Organizational and Business Psychology or from the field of Educational Psychology are proven,
    • and at least 7 ECTS points from the field of Social Psychology and at least 8 ECTS points from the field of Developmental Psychology are proven.

3) The selection committee (§ 5) makes the final selection decision.

More detailed information on the admission requirements can be found in the Admission Regulations for the Master's Program in Intercultural Psychology.