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Application Requirements

Prerequisites for admission to the Master's Program “Intercultural Psychology” are:

a) The applicant either has a bachelor or an equivalent degree in psychology at a German university or at a university belonging to one of the Bologna Signature States or

b) has acquired an equivalent degree in a professionally qualified previous academic program at another German or foreign higher education institution; the equivalency is determined in accordance with the evaluation proposals of the Central Office for Foreign Education at the Administrative Office of the Ministry of Education.

c) Furthermore, a minimum of 90 ECTS points for achievements in psychology are required including:

Proof of achievements in the fields of Quantitative Methods / Statistics of at least 16 ECTS and a Practical Experimental Psychology Course of at least 8 ECTS points
Proof of achievements in Psychological Diagnostics of at least 8 ECTS points
Proof of achievements in general psychology of at least 16 ECTS points
Proof of achievements of at least 8 ECTS points each in at least five of the following six areas:

  • Biological Psychology
  • Differential Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Business/Economic Psychology

The decision concerning professional qualification of the previous degree program is reached by the Selection Committee. A positive declaration can be associated with the condition of making up for certain modules within two semesters.

More detailed information on the admission requirements can be found in the Admission Regulations for the Master's Program in Intercultural Psychology.

These regulations are authoritative and binding for the entire application process.