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In a relaxed atmosphere at the Closing Event Mentors and Mentees are thinking back to funny moments they had together. They revel in various memories of visits at IKEA, joyful cooking events, strolls over Christmas markets or desperate attempts to eat with chopsticks. The astonishment about the different understanding of time between cultures or first getting to know men taller than 1,90m – they talk about anything that caused them to smile, to wonder and ponder on.

My short experience with Intercultural Mentoring so far has been great. It has helped me integrate in life at Osnabrueck. Ali (25, Pakistan, Mentee 2013-2014)

Imos helped me adapt to new situations easier. Besides offering seminars and social events, every mentee also receives warm support of an Osnabruecker student who knows the city and can be of great help when a newbie is lost in the paperwork or just needs sb who she/he can trust and rely on! Nima (20, Iran, Mentee 2013-2013)

I think the program is very interesting, especially for those who are just starting their new life in Germany and for which Germany feelings like a new world waiting to be discovered. Ahmed (24, Egypt, Mentee 2013-2014)

Thank you for giving us the enjoyable time. Sishi (21, China, Mentee 2014-2015)

The program is an opportunity to meet new people and get quickly adopted to Germany culture. Nikolai (21, Russland, Mentee 2015-2016)

Always ask for help when you need it… mentors don’t bite! Alexa (24, USA, Mentee 2015-2016)

Thank you for the help! Good program, discussed everything (share all problems). Taj (26, Pakistan, Mentee 2015-2016)

The program was helpful and gives students the chance to learn from different people, also help them to settle. Dominic (26, Ghana, Mentee 2015-2016)

Keep up the good work! Adam (25, USA, Mentee 2015-2016)

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