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General principles in our field
With the exception of the modules that comprise seminars (these are "Psychological Diagnostics" in the Bachelor Degree and "Multivariate Procedures" in the Master Degree), all modules in our field of research are structured in the same way: They consist of lectures and accompanying exercises.
The following rules apply to modules in our department:

·        The modules are concluded with a written exam. Exceptions to taking this final written exam must be coordinator with that course supervisor in their open office hours. A general exception to this is the second examination time in the psychology courses (see "Second examination in psychology" below).

·        All course materials are available in Stud.IP (generally without a password). Some of the lectures were inscribed in earlier semesters. If you register later in these lectures, you can access the lecture notes in Stud.IP.

·        The written examinations usually consist of 50% multiple choice questions and 50% open questions. For many examinations, there is an example exam, which will be posted in Stud.IP.

·        The following aids are to be brought to the examination: pocket calculator (no model requirements), formula sheets as well as tables (if required and stipulated in course). Other tools are not permitted. An exception is the examination for “statistics and Data Analysis II on the PC: Here all materials from the course (Formula sheet, Exercise tasks and solutions) as well as SPSS books can be used in the examination.

·        The written exams can always be completed in the respective semester at the end of the course ("initial examination") or at the beginning of the following semesters ("secondary examination"). First and second tests are equivalent, so you can freely choose the date you wish to take the exam. (this means that one can participate in the second examination without having been registered for the initial examination). If one participates in the second examination, students must take note that if they do not pass, repetiting the exam is only possible after approximately one year. The periods in which the examinations are available can be found in the corresponding examination plan of the psychology department, which you can be found for the Bachelor's degree here, for the Clinical Master's degree here and for the Intercultural Master’s degree here. Due to the necessary room coordination of the university, the exact examination days and times will usually be announced at the end of the semester.

·        For all written examinations a registration in the OPiUM (not StudIP) system is required. The periods in which such an application can be made will be announced on the course website.

·        For the successful completion of a module an examination (written exam) and course requirements (regular participation in the exercises, not graded) are needed. Both services can be carried out in different semesters and are recorded separately in OPiUM. As a result, it is not necessary to formally enroll for the exam in the semester.

·        The credits for assignment are recorded throughout the semester(for example, when passing exercise 2 on recieves two credit points), but the grade of the module is only included in the average grade of the course if the module has been fully completed.

·        In accordance with the rules of Osnabrück university, attendance to lectures is in principle not checked. For the seminars and recitations, a maximum of two may be missed. Proof of excused absence for the two missed is not necessary.


For the exam in "Foundations of Psychological Diagnostic”, it is different in that it contains only open questions. For the seminars and the internship, the specifically required course tasks are announced in the respective course website.

Exam Resists in General

In accordance with the examinations for psychology in the Bachelor (see here), the clinical master (see here) and the intercultural master (see here), a re-examination is possible at the earliest after six weeks. As a general rule, the first re-sit is registered for in the standard appointments as an exam, through OPiUM. Exceptions must be clarified with the course coordinator in their open office hours.

Second retake exam in Psychology

If a module test has not been passed twice, the second (last) re-examination at the second examination (final) is the choice between a written and an oral exam. Generally it is considered beneficial to complete this examination verbally. Before this examination, the examiner must be visited during the open office hours and, when the examination is to be held orally, the modalities and the date for the examination must be determined.

Joker Examination

In accordance with the examination regulation in the Bachelor Psychology Degree (see here) and the Master (see here for the Clinical Master and here for the Intercultural Master), two modules which have been passed can be repeated once for the purpose of enhancing the score ("Joker Examination"). After a Joker examination the better of the two notes is calculated. Therefore, note depreciation is not possible. A joker test in one of the modules can always be done in writing in one of the regular examinations. If you would like an oral exam instead, this is also possible and can be agreed with the examiner in the open office hours. Regardless of the form in which the joker test is to be carried out, registration is only possible via the examination office (and not via OPiUM).