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We have a very diverse research focus. It ranges from questions in diagnostics and methodology to evaluation in topics in the field of organizational psychology and personality psychology.

In the field of methods, we examine, amongst other things, the methodological effects of computer-based surveys. The effects of social desirability and risk perception in both meta-analytical and experimental studies, are investigated both in a meta-analysis and experimental studies. We also deal with the evaluation of health-related interventions and the quality of evaluations of lectures by students.

In the field of organizational psychology, the focus is on the study of the components of professional performance (eg voluntary work and adaptability), the selection of personnel (eg the development and theoretical foundation of situational judgment tests) and the investigation of the conditions and consequences of Workplace uncertainty (ie the fear of losing one's job).

In the field of diagnostics and differential psychology, we are interested in interindividual differences in social influencing processes and persuasion as well as the influence of measurement errors in the diagnosis of the personality structure.

Further information, including the publications, can be found on the pages of the team.