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The offer is targeted at students of psychology from the 5th semester (BSc). Students can, with consultation from the project management, take part in the 3rd semester of study, particularly if they imagine joining the workforce directly after their bachelor's degree.

As a mentee, the students benefit from the individual counseling provided by a personal mentor / personal mentor. They receive:

  • Advice and tips from experienced practitioners
  • Individual career and work planning
  • Early directed target orientation for future studies
  • Joint development of study-related objectives
  • Contact and networking facilities
  • Opinions on professional perspectives and future possibilities
  • Reflection of professional requirements
  • Reflection of one's own strengths and development possibilities
  • Creation of professional connections
  • Participation in the mentor / mentor's professional life, if applicable
  • Certificate of participation in the project

Prerequisites on the part of the mentee

  • Self-reliance and commitment
  • Interest in systematic and long-term consulting
  • Formulation of clear and concrete objectives / concerns
  • Participation in the accompanying events
  • Participation in the evaluation
  • Willingness to travel to the mentor (usually regional, or potentially further depending on mentor)