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General conditions and requirements

In principle, the mentoring and support is designed for at least one year; in the best case, the mentee can be accompanied until graduation. Two meetings between mentor and mentee should take place per semester. Basically, the mentee is in the position of the traveler and visits his/her mentor for the joint meetings in her/his office (or at another location of her/his choice).

The meetings are intensive and confidential one-on-one discussions within which the mentee's current issues and concerns are addressed.

What additional support the mentor can and would like to provide to his/her mentee (telephone or e-mail contact) is agreed on an individual basis.

Requisites of both parties (mentees and mentors)

  • At least two meetings per semester take place between mentee and mentor (exceptions: e.g. semester abroad).
  • Before each meeting, the mentee sends a brief written report on his/her expectations and goals by e-mail to his/her mentor and to the project management.
  • At the end of the mentoring process, each mentee formulates a final report in which the entire mentoring relationship is reflected upon.
  • The relationship between mentor and mentee is based on mutual trust and voluntariness.
  • All activities are performed without financial compensation.
  • Willingness of the mentee to travel, if necessary.
  • Obligatory participation in the project evaluation.
  • Mentoring is a long-term consulting process and should not be understood as a short-term internship exchange or job placement.