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Current Studies

Information about current studies and opportunities to participate

For our research focus on intergroup relationships, personality, (anti) social behavior and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we regularly carry out scientific studies with exciting expense allowances. Would you like to participate? Here you will find an overview of the current studies:



The project team focuses their research on inclusivity norms to prevent the harmful consequences of polarization for the social tissue of European communities.

Coping With Corona

With the CoCo project we pursue the goal of describing, understanding and predicting inter-individual differences in dealing with pandemics.

Together for tolerance

"Together for tolerance - Miteinander füreinander" is a research project at schools against (group) conflicts and for a tolerant coexistence.

Celiac disease and leisure participation

How do summer camps for children and adolescents with Celiac Disease affect their quality of life and positive development?

What happens with your data?

As a public institution under the supervision of the federal state of Lower Saxony, we are committed to scientific and ethical quality criteria. All participants are provided with comprehensive information on the study, data collection and data protection prior to the start of the respective data collection. Nobody is allowed to take part in one of our studies without an informed declaration of consent. If it is required by law, the declaration of consent is always obtained from the legal guardian.

Contact Person:

Prof. Dr. Maarten van Zalk