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Application for funding for meetings, congresses, workshops and summer schools

In the study commission, decisions are made on funding of meetings, congress activities, workshops and summer schools:

The following are the conditions for funding and information on how this funding can be applied for:

The following conditions apply to the support of conferences, congresses, workshops, and summer schools. These are examined by the Studienkommission (if necessary with consultation of a specialist representative): a) The event has a high scientific quality. B) The event represents a useful addition to the course of studies. C) A contribution will from you will be made at the event. (E.g., presentation of research results, Bachelor's or Master's thesis)

Since June 2012, each student receives a maximum grant of 250 € per application, of which a maximum of 80 € can be deducted for travel expenses.

Only participation fees and travel expenses will be reimbursed. Other costs, e.g. Accommodation and meals are not funded.

The funding application must be submitted to the latest at the last meeting of the Studienkommission before the beginning of the congress. Please refer to this homepage for the session dates.

How to apply for funding? 1. Under the tap Applications there is a form for students, which must be completed. Applications which are not completed in this form or which are not submitted in time can unfortunately not be considered. The application is submitted to the Study Commission for approval and examination. 2. If the application has been approved, a mission application must be filled out, stating the personal data, travel period and the meeting fee, and must be submitted to the dean's office, EW 4 floor for a signature. Please remember to collect the application again, as the Dean's Office can not keep the applications! 3. The confirmation of attendance, which is available after the transfer of the funding and the event, must be submitted to the Dean's Office. In addition, a travel receipts must also be submitted. This special type or receipt is available in the Dean's Office. 4. If all documents are submitted to the Dean's Office, the conference fee shall retroactively be transferred to the specified account.

In addition to funding from Studienqualitätsmittel, there is still the possibility to apply for funding through the university society (Universitätsgesellschaft) at the University of Osnabrück. To this end, however, an active participation, e.g. In the form of a poster or presentation at the meeting is involved. Information on the university society (Universitätsgesellschaft) can be found here.