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Dates and deadlines

The deadline for applications for study abroad programs via departmental and university co-operation is in both cases at the end of January of each year. Individually organized stays abroad can deviate from this deadline.

This application period refers to the following winter semester as well as the summer semester of the next year. Thus, the application period refers to the complete academic year. The exact application period for the next possible study abroad can be found on the International Office page (right below).

Required Documents

ERASMUS partnerships

Online application (printed, signed)

Main Header formula sheet (see above)

Table formatted curriculum vitae (in English, if the country language is not English then it is also possible to have it in German)

Motivation letter (maximum 1 page, if country language not English then its also possible to do this in German)

Transcript (in English, printout of transcript from online portal is sufficient)

Course list: list of courses that you would like to take

Language proof

Overseas partnerships

Paper print of the online application (signed)

Main header content sheet

Application form (to be completed in English) incl. Photo

Table format curriculum vitae (English or German if the country language is not English) - on a separate sheet

Motivation letter

No recommendation letter needed

Transcript, and for Master students: Bachelor Transcript

Certificate of the current state of language skills

Certificate in all known languages

In general, we strongly recommend taking the language test at the language center in Osnabruck, as it allows an up-to-date and unambiguous assessment of the your language level. If this is not possible, it is also possible to prove language skills from courses taken in school and university. (If these are obsolete, that is to say, older than 5 years, this is no longer a credible proof.)

In the case of the school-leaving certificate, the level achieved can be estimated with the help of the conversion of the Ministry of Education NRW. In this case please attach the school documents of the application and indicate which level of speech of the GER was reached.


For the application to the partner universities an online application as well as further application documents are necessary.

Online application: MoveOn-Portal

Further application documents: International Office (bottom center)

The online application and the other application documents must be completed and submitted in regular printed format, as well as a PDF scanned format to Christopher Klanke.