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General Equipment


The PC pool in the EW building is divided into two rooms: Room 323/324 and Room 502. The room 323/324 can be divided into two smaller rooms by a partition wall. In room 323/324 there are 76 chairs and in room 502 there are 37 chairs which can be used.

The breakdown of the computers can be found in the following table.


Raum PCs Medientechnik
323 18 PCs (1 Student/PC) + 1 Dozenten-PC 1 Beamer, Audioausgabe
324 29 PCs (2 Studenten/PC) + 1 Dozenten-PC 2 Beamer, Audioausgabe, Mikrofon
502 20 PCs (2 Studenten/PC) + 1 Dozenten-PC Smartboard, Audioausgabe

Weitere Räume, die dem PC-Pool zugehörig sind, sind die Räume 321 (Druckerraum) sowie 322 (PC-Pool-Betreuung).


Media technology

The control of the media system in rooms 323 and 324 can be separated or combined according to the use of the rooms.

The system is controlled by so-called quests, which are also installed in many other seminar / lecture rooms of the university. With these quests, various video channels of other devices can also be used. A notebook. As connection possibilities for external devices are available 1x VGA and 1x HDMI.

SmartBoard in Room 502

A SmartBoard is available In Room 502 . In simple terms a smartboard is a beamer with a touch function. The Smart Board offers the possibility to work directly on the screen. Both inputs by hand and with the provided pens are possible. Pen strokes allow marking or underlining of important elements, if you which use your fingers a tablet is needed. The SmartBoard can also be used as an ordinary projector.

Height adjustable tables

There are two height-adjustable tables in each of the three rooms. Three of the six provided tables are seen as tables for lecturers, while the remaining three are available for students with disabilities.

Adjustments of the table can be controlled with the two buttons on the right side of the table.