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Academic Program Manager at the Institute of Psychology

The Academic Program Manager is responsible for the coordination and management of Bachelor's and Master's of Science Programs at the Institute of Psychology. Tasks of the Academic Program Manager include:

  • Integration and optimization of the services offered to students
  • Personal information and advisory services for students
  • Management of the selection process “study abroad”
  • Structural enhancement of the services offered to students
  • Coordinating admissions to the Master’s of Science Programs
  • Organizing graduation ceremonies
  • Structural enhancements of the student services offered 
  • Scientifically based research on the satisfaction of the students and the evaluation of the services offered

During consultation hours students can schedule individual appointments with regard to student advisory and advisory for students going abroad. In addition to the consulting hours the Academic Program Manager is specifically responsible for information sessions matching the needs of psychology students.

The Transfer Manager offers complementary advisory services providing guidance concerning questions related to practice.

The Academic Program Manager at the Institute of Psychology is:

Christopher Klanke, Dipl.-Psych.

Tel.: +49 541 969-7707

Raum: 75/209
Institut für Psychologie
Lise-Meitner-Straße 3
49076 Osnabrück
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